Tickets are on sale tomorrow, Monday, March 3rd, for the annual staging of a play based on To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s 1960 novel about racial strife in the Depression-era South. A limited number of performances take place in April and May, and tickets sell out quickly. Last spring I attended the play in Monroeville, Alabama, Lee’s hometown and inspiration for the fictional Maycomb. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see the story of Scout Finch come to life, performed by a terrific all-local cast. Act one takes places on the lawn of the Old Courthouse Museum, while act two unfolds inside in the courtroom (restored to its 1930s-era appearance) Lee used as the model for the one in the novel.  The courthouse is now a museum with an exhibit devoted to Lee and another to her childhood friend, Truman Capote, on whom Mockingbird‘s Dill is based. (See “On the Road” for a photo of the outdoor stage set.) –SMS