Now that summer is finally here (at least for those of you not living in England, where it’s still cool and rainy), a neat way to experience a piece of literary history while soaking up the great outdoors is by taking to the nature trails where famed scribes once found inspiration.

Recently, I walked the Coffin Path in Grasmere, England. Medieval pallbearers once carried caskets along this trail between craggy mountains and glittering lakes (pausing, like I did, to rest their load on an ancient stone slab), but today it’s more happily associated with the uplifting verse of Wordsworth. Two of his former homes bookend the trail, and the Romantic poet—who is said to have walked over 175,000 miles in his lifetime—composed much of his poetry on foot in the area. Depending on the season, the woods may be awash in bluebells, buttercups or Wordsworth’s beloved daffodils. 

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— Joni Rendon