gh_logo20for20linkIf you missed last night’s episode about The Mount on the SciFi Channel’s weekly show Ghost Hunters, you can still catch the episode for free online by clicking here.

The Mount, which witnessed the painful break-up of Edith Wharton’s marriage,  has long been the subject of ghostly rumors. After Wharton and her husband sold the estate in 1911, it spent several years being used as a dormitory for the Foxhollow School, and later became home to the Shakespeare and Company acting troupe. During those decades, residents frequently reported unexplained noises, odd sensations, and the occasional encounter spectral figures dressed in old-fashioned clothing.

To determine if these experiences were tricks of the imagination or something more, The Atlantic Paranormal Society’s (TAPS) lead investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson visited The Mount in December with the television crew and spent successive nights in the mansion performing paranormal experiments and collecting data, the results of which were revealed on last night’s show.

For its 2009 season, The Mount will feature special “Ghost Tours” of the estate, kicking off with a special hands-on investigative event on April 24-25. Happy haunting!