28hemingway4We read with interest that a new edition of A Moveable Feast, the wonderful memoir of Hemingway’s early days in Paris, is coming out next week. The new edition, edited by Hemingway’s grandson, restores many passages that were deleted from the manuscript by the book’s original editor, Mary Hemingway (the writer’s fourth and final wife). The “restored-edition” will paint a more nuanced picture of the dissolution of the author’s first marriage to Hadley Richardson, whom the writer left for her best friend, Pauline Pfeifer.

Pauline and Ernest subsequently married and left Paris for Key West, FL (where you can visit their former home, The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum). According to the New York Times, Seán Hemingway, the couple’s grandson, hopes the re-edited version, with its new material, will portray his grandmother in a more sympathetic light. “I think this edition is right to set the record straight,” said Hemingway.

Incidentally, the journals the book is based on were discovered during the writer’s final trip to Paris in 1956, when a staff member of the Hotel Ritz (Papa’s favorite hotel) returned a long-forgotten trunk that had been stored in the Ritz’s cellars for 30 years. It in were journals from his early Paris years, which the author was crafting into a memoir when he died in 1961.

Literary travelers headed to Paris this summer can follow in the footsteps of A Moveable Feast on the “Hemingway’s Paris” walking tour, which takes place every Friday at 10:30.

[Image from “A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition” by Ernest Hemingway, published by Scribner.]