Scott MonumentSir Walter Scott’s presence in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city and his birthplace in 1771, is hard to miss. There is a towering monument (left) erected in his honor, a statue surrounded by dramatic spires, standing in Princes Street Gardens in the shadow of Edinburgh CastleScott Pound Note; an interesting exhibit about him at the Edinburgh Writers’ Museum; and – my favorite homage – his visage adorning the 20-pound note (right).

After leaving Edinburgh on a recent Scottish adventure, I headed south to the Border country outside the town of Melrose, where Scott spent part of his childhood and returned in later years to build an atmospheric abode along the River Tweed.

The turreted manor house, which he named Abbotsford, looks like a castle and is filled with sumptuous antique furnishings, historic relics, and decorative coats of arms. It’s a residence befitting the imaginative Father of the Historical Novel, who entertained readers with swashbuckling tales like Ivanhoe and Rob Roy.

To take a virtual tour of Scott’s estate, click the icon below. –Shannon McKenna Schmidt

ND Scotland Image