Victoria-Falls-2Andrea Rotondo, host of today’s Travel Bloggers’ Caravan site-of-the day,, tells us about an off-the-beaten path landmark that has inspired many writers and explorers of both past and present: Zambia’s Victoria Falls.

Missionary David Livingstone, who wrote extensively about Africa in his memoirs and journals in the mid-1800s, was most likely the first European to ever document and view the falls. “In looking down into the fissure…one sees nothing but a dense white cloud, which, at the time we visited the spot, had two bright rainbows on it. From this cloud rushed up a great jet of vapor exactly like steam, and it mounted 200 or 300 feet high; there condensing, it changed its hue to that of dark smoke, and came back in a constant shower, which soon wetted us to the skin…”

Writer Paul Theroux was also taken in by the majestic grandeur of the falls. “Few sights in Africa can equal Victoria Falls for sheer physical beauty,” he wrote in his travelogue Fresh Air Fiend. “What makes them so loud, so smoky-seeming, so dramatic, is the slender steepness and the great depth of the chasm.”

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[Photo courtesy of the Royal Livingstone Hotel.]