At this weekend’s 24-hour birthday bash for Edgar Allan Poe at Richmond’s Poe Museum, Poe descendant Harry Lee Poe will finally settle the literary tug-of-war among the many places that claim the macabre master as their native son.

The author, born in Boston, later lived in Philadelphia and Baltimore, both of which are home to historic houses he once occupied. (The poet eventually died a mysterious death in the latter city, where he is buried, though today’s declaration raises the possibility his remains may be exumed and relocated.) He also spent a few years at a modest house in the Bronx, NY, which is today preserved as the Poe Cottage.  But it was Richmond where he spent the longest period, including the formative years during which he embarked on his illustrious literary career. 

Birthday festivities at the Poe Museum will continue until midnight tonight (Saturday), and will include a show- down between two Poe impersonators, a candlelight walking tour and a séance. Admission is $6.