5. Literary Key West, Part 1: Ernest Hemingway
Shannon reminisced about her visit to the southernmost city in the continental U.S. in 2008, to celebrate the publication of Novel Destinations. She recently returned to the island on her Great Expeditions voyage, and she’ll be sharing stories – and video – of her second visit to the Hemingway Home and Museum.

4. Poetic Appreciation for Robert Burns
Scotland loves its national bard, and so do our readers (some of whom might have rung in 2011 with a rendition of his verse (“Auld Lang Syne”). The wordsmith is fêted each year on his birthday, January 25th, with elaborate Burns Suppers. The thatched-roof cottage where he was born in 1759 is part of the Robert Burns Heritage Park in Ayr.

3. Victoria Falls
Zambia’s off-the-beaten-path natural wonder has inspired many writers and explorers over the years – and, it seems, more than a few modern-day travelers to Africa.

2. Anne Frank Channel Launched on YouTube
Anne Frank is consistently one of the top searches that brings visitors to NovelDestinations.com (along with a few other interesting literary notables that we’ll share in a future post). The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam launched the YouTube channel in 2009. One if its highlights is the only known video footage of the diarist.

1. Turn the Pages of the Real “Alice”
Perhaps enthused by the Tim Burton-directed feature film Alice in Wonderland, visitors to the site learned about the real-life inspiration for the title character in Lewis Carroll’s tale – and how they can virtually turn the pages of the original manuscript on the British Library’s website.