Hmmm… This literary map from featuring “The Most Famous Book Set in Every State” would have come in handy while Shannon was traveling across the country the past three and a half years.

Some of these selections we’ve read, like the Massachusetts tome, Walden—along with visiting the site of Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at the book’s namesake lake—and Travels with Charley, representing California. On display at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, California, is Rocinante, the custom-made pickup truck camper that was home to the writer and his canine companion during their 34-state journey recounted in Travels with Charley.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind on a typewriter given to her by her husband while she was housebound recovering from a car accident. (You can read more about memorable gifts given by scribes and their significant others in Writers Between the Covers.)

What do you think about the book designated for your state? And which ones are inspiring you to gas up the car and set out on a road trip?