A GOOD HARD LOOK by Ann Napolitano is as darkly fascinating as Flannery O’Connor’s own fiction. At Andalusia, her mother’s family farm outside the town of Milledgeville, Georgia, 37-year-old O’Connor is in her twilight years. Crippled by lupus, she spends her time writing and tending to a menagerie of peacocks and other birds. When she meets an enigmatic newcomer to Milledgeville, the two strike up a friendship that has unexpectedly tragic consequences. Armchair literary travels: Take a virtual reality tour of Andalusia’s main house and view the grounds, where peacocks are still in residence.

HEMINGWAY’S GIRL by Erika Robuck is set in Depression-era Key West, when the legendary scribe was in residence on the island. The vividly atmospheric story follows Mariella Bennett, a young woman struggling to support her family after her father’s death. She is hired as a maid in the Hemingway household and becomes drawn into the life of the literary legend. Readers can visit on the page notable locales like Sloppy Joe’s, a favored Hemingway saloon; Blue Heaven, a bordello-turned-restaurant where he refereed boxing matches in the courtyard; and his Spanish Colonial-style house, now the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Armchair literary travels: Visit the Hemingway Home website to see web cams of the house, Ernest’s writing studio, and the resident cats. The famous felines also have their own Instagram account @hemingwayhomecats.

Adventure and romance abound in UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKY by Nancy Horan. The novel features Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his American wife, Fanny Osbourne, unfolding the story of their remarkable, globetrotting life together, which took them from an art colony in France, where they met, to the South Seas, where they spent their last days together. Armchair literary travels: Follow “In the Footsteps of RLS,” beginning in Edinburgh, his birthplace, across Europe and the United States and on to Hawaii, Samoa, and beyond.